Managing Zegeba Forms from the Dashboard

5.3 Data export and further processing

You can export the data captured in a form in order to process it in a business statistics application such as Power BI or Tableau, or a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel.  The export is done from the Dashboard’s Form list. If data have been entered in more than one version of the form and you wish to keep all of the data records, you must run an export for each of the versions and merge the data manually.

  1. In the Dashboard, click on the folder and then the form you wish to export data from.
  2. Click on the striped menu button next to the version number that contains the data you want.
  3. Select Export Data if you want to just export the character-based data
    – or –
    Select Export Data and Media to export both data and any multi-media files (pictures, video, audio) saved in the form.
  4. The data is exported to the general CSV format (with Comma Separated Values: name,address,city, …).
    When asked, press [Yes] to save the data as an Excel file
    – or –
    press [No] to save the data in the CSV format.
  5. The data will then be downloaded to your browser as a ZIP file.
    You can now open and save the individual files, and process the data further in your application of choice.