Managing Zegeba Forms from the Dashboard

4.4 Create, publish, unpublish and delete form versions

When you first create a new form, it is automatically registered in the system as version 1: “V1”. You can continue editing this version until the form is ready to be put into use, but we do advise that you create new versions as the work progresses. This way you can always go back to work on an older version in case anything goes wrong with the new one.

In order to start using the form for entering data, it will have to be published. This means that others can find it in their apps, ready to be filled out.  You can only publish one version at a time, so if there is already a published version, it will automatically be unpublished when you do this.

Sometimes you may have to make changes in the form even though it has already been used for data collection. The security features of Zegeba Forms ensure that these data will not be lost, but are stored in separate files. If you need to merge the data from the different versions, you can do that by exporting both versions’ data and merge them in a spreadsheet.

Create a new version of a form

  1. In the Folder list, click on the folder that contains the form and then
    click on the form you wish to create a new version of.
  2. You will then see the various versions of this form named V1, V2 etc.
    Press [Create new form version] of the latest version to get a new version, one number up.
  3. Press [Design form] in the row with the new version to start designing it, based on the previous version.

Publish a version of a form

  1. In the Dashboard Version List, click on the grey dropdown box [Unpublished].
  2. Select [Published].
  3. Press [Capture data] if you want to use this form to capture data.

Note! If there is another published version, it will be unpublished when you do this.

Unpublish a version of a form

  1. In the Dashboard Version List, click on the green dropdown box [Published].
  2. Select [Unpublished].


Delete a form version

  1. On the Dashboard’s Version List, left-click on the striped icon next to the version you wish to delete.
  2. Select Delete Form Version, and press [Confirm] to confirm deletion.