Managing Zegeba Forms from the Dashboard

1 Introduction to the Zegeba platform

Zegeba enables smart mobility with forms anywhere – in an app, web, mobile or tablet with access to live data, ready to be used for reports and analysis.

Every business is unique, and with Zegeba you can improve quality and increase efficiency of your business to create more value. You can create and easily publish digital forms that fit your business requirements and processes for any digital work.

With Zegeba, users can capture anything anywhere anytime.

  • with or without mobile coverage
  • on web or mobile devices through apps

The process of design, capture and management is depicted in the figure above.

  • User access, folders, resource files etc. are managed through the Zegeba Dashboard on a PC
  • Forms are created and modified using the Zegeba Forms Designer, accessed from the Dashboard
  • Tasks are assigned in Tasks Templates, accessed form the Dashboard
  • Data is captured in those forms by the Zegeba Forms, Tasks  or Web apps on a mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • The data registered in the apps is managed through the Zegeba Dashboard on a PC
  • Form data can be printed in a PDF file, but some users will process and visualize the data further through Zegeba’s chart functions in the forms or through business software such as Power BI, Tableau, MS Excel



Chapters in this manual:

1 Introduction to the Zegeba platform (this page)
2 Getting to know the Dashboard
3 Managing users
4 Managing folders and forms