Performing Zegeba Tasks

4.2 The Outbox

The Outbox contains forms that have yet to be synced, or are in conflict with other edits of the same form, or cannot be uploaded.

At the top of the Outbox you can see the forms that have not been synced yet. Press [VIEW] to see the data entered in a form. You may not edit the data from the Outbox.

The number beside the sync icon at the top right corner shows how many forms you haven’t synced yet.

Conflicting uploads

If someone else has entered data in the same form as your user, you will get a message of synchronization conflict when you try to upload the form.

You will then be shown both instances, and can choose which one to keep.

Not uploadable

If the task has passed its due date, or has had the forms that you have filled in removed, you will see these in the list below. For each form you can choose if you’d like to restore the data or delete it.