Release notes: Zegeba v 4.0

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Note! The software on our customers’ Zegeba servers are upgraded individually to new versions according to the setup and requirements of each customer. Your server version number can be found in the About options in the Next app and the Dashboard. Most Zegeba servers will now be upgraded to 4.0 from 3.29 but if your server was upgraded from an earlier version than 3.29, please read the Release Notes before this too. They are available through the category “Release Notes” in the side menu. 
More links to relevant manual sections in the Help Center will be added soon. 


New features in Zegeba v 4.0

We are very happy to finally present Zegeba v 4.0 to our customers after a long time of preparation. This new version brings a lot of technical innovation and updates to the Zegeba platform, but most of the new functionality is not visible to the users. The most noticeable change for you at this stage is that we have integrated the Forms app into the Next app. Users of the Forms app must now download the Next app and log in, and will find their familiar folders and forms under the Next menu option Forms. Version 4.0 opens up new opportunities for the Zegeba app, and you will for instance in upcoming versions be able to style the app with your own colors and logos and with your preferred views of data and tasks.

NEW!  See User instructions for transfer from the Forms app to the Next app for help with transitioning to the Next app. And Finding your Forms app functions in the Next app when you are ready to start using the Next app. 


In the Next app

  • There is now a new menu option Forms containing all the functionality of the former Forms app plus the extra abilities inherent in the more modern Next app. 
  • In Settings you can now set the maximum number of days you want to download older data for. If you have set data more than 100 days old to be excluded from normal sync, you can download individual reports older than this whenever you need them by pressing the report’s cloud icon. There is also a setting for preventing just media files older than a certain number of days from being downloaded, so you can see still older reports but without their pictures. See Using: 5.1 Settings

  • In Settings you can also choose to only sync your own data. This is helpful for users who dont’ want to download much data they don’t need.  See Using: 5.1 Settings.

Improvements in Zegeba v 4.0

In the Designer
  • You can choose to remove the + and – buttons from Number and Decimal elements. This can be done for each individual element in the Other tab, or for the entire form in the form element’s Other tab. See Designing: 6.1 The main Form element.

  • In the Form elements’ Other tab, the email notification settings have now been placed in a more logical order, see pictures in Designing: 8.2 Automatic email notifications with PDF reports and form links.

  • The Action element’s Settings button is no longer available, as this button only worked for the now discontinued Forms app. 

  • NEW!  A new function in the Rule Editor, iif, will allow you to send email notifications to different recipients for different form states.  Contact Zegeba Support for information on how to do this. 
In the Next app 
  • The Search function has been expanded and will now search in all titles and reports. See Using: 4.1 Finding a task form

  • In Settings you can decide if you want exact search or just approximate search (default) when you search for titles and data in the app. See Using: 5.1 Settings.

  • The Outbox will now show more information on conflicting reports. See Using: 5.2 The Outbox and conflicting uploads.

  • And, if you do not want the users to decide individually which version to keep when the server version of a report is more recent than the version stored locally on the users device, we can set the Zegeba server to always use the local version, or always the server version.  See Using: 5.2 The Outbox and conflicting uploads.

In the Task Template editor
  • When selecting forms in the Task Template editor’s Forms tab, draft forms will no longer be listed. You must have published a form at least once to see it here. See Managing: 6.5 Adding Forms to a task template.

  • We can now link Form States to Task States so a change to a specific Form State automatically triggers change to a specific Task State. This must be implemented by our staff, so contact Zegeba Support if you wish to use this. 

Bugfixes in Zegeba v 4.0

  • NEW!  When recovering data captures in the Dashboard through the menu option Recover, added pictures and attachments will now also be recovered
  • Border width set in the Designer is now displayed in forms and printed on PDFs. 
  • The various border styles in the Designer are now printed on the PDF. 
  • Auto-scaling of images in the Designer now works for all types of images, including Multimedia Label and Text Label. 
  • The elements in the bottom end of the form screen will no longer seem to be spilling over the Navigation bar
  • The {§formId} function now works as it should.
  • Link elements can now be hidden in repeat listings.

… as well as many other technical and performance improvements boosting the power of the Zegeba platform!

Note! If you have just gotten the new server version and you are using Zegeba in a browser you may have to press Ctrl-F5 (in Windows) or Cmd-Shift-R for Refresh (on Mac) in the Dashboard or the Designer to get the new features. This forces the browser to download the latest Zegeba version from the server. But even if you don’t press this, the new features will show up the second time you open the Dashboard/Designer after the new version has been installed. 

Previous Release note:  Release notes: Zegeba v 3.29.

NEW! Read more about how we number our versions and install them on customers’ servers here: Managing: Installation and numbering of new Zegeba versions