Performing Zegeba Tasks

3.1 Viewing and editing data captured in a Tasks form

The forms in a task are listed with buttons saying either [Open FORM] or [VIEW SAVED (n)].
Open form means that the form has not been filled out the maxium number of times – if a maximum number has been defined. Click on this button to start filling in the form.
View saved means that the maxium number of filled-out forms have been saved, but you can view and edit them this way:

  1. Click on the [VIEW SAVED] button to see the instances of data capture you have filled out in this form. Each data capture  instance may be for an individual piece of machinery in a large instrument.

 The green cloud symbols to the right indicate that these form captures have been uploaded to the server.

  1. Click on any of the lines to open a data capture and view and edit its content.
  2. If you have edited the form data, you will only be able to see the latest version of your edit.
    However, an administrator will be able to track and view all the edits in the data capture list in the Forms section in the Dashboard.