Performing Zegeba Tasks

4.1 Settings

When you have completed a task, it can be synced (synchronized: uploaded to the server) right away. Or you can choose to wait with the sync or just sync forms without their media content until you have a better connection. This is decided by options in Settings.


Syncing data right now

Leave the setting Automatic synchronization ON (green) if you want to sync all data immediately. Turn this setting to OFF (grey) to stop syncing. You can then press the round two-arrow icon in the top right corner when you are ready to sync.

Exclude media files

If you have poor Internet connection, you may want to wait with syncing large files such as photos or videos until you have a better link.  Push the button Include media to OFF (grey) until you are ready to sync the rest of the files belonging to your tasks. Then set this option to ON (green).

As default, these settings are ON when you open the Tasks app for the first time.

Upload data to Zegeba support

This option is only to be used if you have reported a probleme and are asked by Zegeba support to send over your data. Press [UPLOAD] to send all stored forms form your tasks.