Release notes: Zegeba v 4.4

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Note! The software on our customers’ Zegeba servers are upgraded individually to new versions according to the setup and requirements of each customer. Your server version number can be found in the About options in the Next app and the Dashboard. Most Zegeba servers will now be upgraded to 4.4 from 4.0 but if your server was upgraded from an earlier version than 4.0, please read the Release Notes before 4.4, too. They are available through the category “Release Notes” in the side menu here to the right. 


New features in Zegeba v 4.4

Version 4.4 has some amazing new features due to the new architecture we introduced in v. 4.0: you can customize the Next app to suit your purpose and your branding colors and even publish it under your company name. And you can move or archive folders, forms and data in the Dashboard! And easily find all users who have access to a folder or form, and remove them or add more! And (finally!)…  get a notice when others are editing the same form design that you are working on!

In the Dashboard

In the Designer
In the Next app
  • We can now create a “whitelabel app” for your company. This is an app with your own name, colors, icons, About page and other settings, marketed under you own company name. Contact for more information on this. 

  • We can also create Custom Task Views where we customize the look of specific Next pages and tasks, with customized buttons opening forms and custom data tables showing the answers to select elements in the form. See examples in the picture slider above and contact for more information on this. 


Improvements in Zegeba v 4.4

In the Dashboard
  • In Users, you will now see how many users are listed with the present user filter, and the page controls have been moved from the top to the bottom of the list – as in the Data Views screen. See Managing: 3.1 The Users screen.

  • When creating a link for opening a form, you can now again choose that it will open in the Next Web app. See Designing: 6.6 Links / Go to / Actions

  • We have changed the sequence of some options in the folder and form menus to group them in a more logical structure.  

In the Designer
  • In a repeat, you can now hide the standard [OK] and [Cancel] buttons, and use customizable Action element or Link element buttons instead. This means that you add more than one command to these buttons and use other colors that suit your brand better. See Designing: 6.5 Repeats.

  • Date and datetime elements now have different “view modes” when you first open the calendar: days (default), months, years, and decades. Handy for instance when users have to select their birth year: they can scroll backwards in decades or years instead of months. See Designing: 4.3 Date and Time.

  • Audit info can be excluded from printing on PDFs. See Designing: 6.1 The main Form element.

  • Decimal elements has got a new property setting where the form designer can enter the number of decimals entered to be shown in the repeat table or the PDF. See Designing: 6.1 The main Form element.

In the Next app 
  • From the Dashboard’s Settings you can now change the Toolbar title from Tasks or Forms to your own title, for instance your company name. Or leave the title out completely. See Managing: 2.2 The Dashboard menu.
  • The horizontal “form cards” are now better formatted on narrow phone screens

  • File attachments added in a repeat can now be opened directly from the repeat table – you do not have to open the repeat instance to see it.

  • When there is a synchronization conflict between a report’s “server version” and users’ “local version” stored on their app, we can now define on your server that either the server version or the local version will always be selected, so users do not get the Conflict resolution screen on their apps. See Using: 5.2 The Outbox and conflicting uploads.

  • We can now specify on your server that certain settings on the Next app’s Settings page will be hidden in the app. See Using: 5.1 Settings.

In Tasks
In Contexts

Bugfixes in Zegeba v 4.4

  • In the Dashboard’s Tasks screen, the sorting of the Created and Edited columns is now correct. 
  • When export of data in the Dashboard fails, you will now get a proper error message. 
  • When you add a new user in the Dashboard’s Users, copying the same permissions as another user now works again.  
  • In the Designer, you will no longer get a dark Preview screen after multiple error messages have been shown there
  • In the Designer, the right-click menu will no longer disappear below the design when you click on an element far down on the form page. 
  • In the Designer, description formulas now also work for repeats that have automatic IDs. 
  • In the Designer, the setting Don’t inherit Audit Info from parent Element is now retained when reopening the form design.
  • On Apple devices, the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen will no longer disappear below the form page. 
  • On Apple devices, the Audio Capture element’s sound recorder now works as expected and the audio can be played in the app and in the Dashboard.
  • The Next app will now better detect if it’s started when your device is offline
  • Clickable images are now displayed as expected in the Next app

… as well as many other technical and performance improvements boosting the power of the Zegeba platform!

Note! If you have just gotten the new server version and you are using Zegeba in a browser you may have to press Ctrl-F5 (in Windows) or Cmd-Shift-R for Refresh (on Mac) in the Dashboard or the Designer to get the new features. This forces the browser to download the latest Zegeba version from the server. But even if you don’t press this, the new features will show up the second time you open the Dashboard/Designer after the new version has been installed. 

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Read more about how we number our versions and install them on customers’ servers here: Managing: Installation and numbering of new Zegeba versions