Release notes: Zegeba v 4.6

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Note! The software on our customers’ Zegeba servers are upgraded individually to new versions according to the setup and requirements of each customer. Your server version number can be found in the About options in the Next app and the Dashboard. Most Zegeba servers will now be upgraded to 4.6 from 4.4 but if your server was upgraded from an earlier version than 4.4, please read the Release Notes before 4.6, too. They are available through the category “Release Notes” in the side menu here to the right. 
More links to relevant manual sections in the Help Center will be added soon. 


New features, improvements and bugfixes in 4.6

Name change coming up! As we discontinued the old Zegeba Forms app a while back, we now have just one Zegeba app; Zegeba Next. From version 4.6 we will drop the name “Next” and just call it “the Zegeba App”. We have just released new app versions (v 1.6.0) in Google Play and App store, and these should be automatically downloaded to your phone or tablet. You will then see that the app logo no longer have the word “Next” below the big Z. Note that the content of the app remains the same as before.  

In the App
  • Clicking task links in emails will now open the task in the app – if the app is available on the device. 

  • Photos taken with the [Capture] button in portrait (vertical) format will now be placed in the form with portrait orientation – you do not have to rotate them. 

  • When you have finished creating a repeat instance for a repeat at the lower end of a page or a grid, the focus will now still be on this lower end instead of jumping to the top of the page or grid after you press [OK]. 

  • When you are assigned a task with form filtering, the forms and data that are specified in the task template but not included in that particular task will not be downloaded. You may not notice this explicitly, but it will lower the sync time of the task. 

  • Clickable images placed inside accordions will now be properly scaled to fit the accordion.

In the Dashboard
  • The screens for the Context Builder, the Task Template Editor and the Context Type Editor have now got page titles on top, making it easier to see which screen you are viewing. 

  • The layout of user information in the Users screen has now been changed, increasing the legibility. We can also customize this layout according to the needs of your company/organization. Contact Zegeba Support to get more information on this. 

  • Dynamic lists now work properly also for captures made in the Dashboard.

  • When entering data in a form, the right-hand scroll bar is now displayed in the form window again. 

  • The Form State box accessed from the Summary page now has the option Lock form again. 

  • For companies using Active Directory authentication to log in, we can now remove the normal login elements from the login window. Contact Zegeba Support to get more information on this.


In the Designer
  • Finally! When creating rules, you can now copy an existing rule and modify it, instead of having to create every new rule from scratch. See Designing: 5.1 Rules (branching/skip formulas).

  • And you can sort the list of rules manually as you please. See Designing: 5.1 Rules (branching/skip formulas).

  • We have tweaked the underlying code so the Designer will now respond much quicker to changes that you enter in the Elements pane. You will notice the difference especially when working on large forms. 

  • There is a new element type called Video Stream that will allow users to stream any video from the Zegeba app. Unlike videos added in the Link element and downloaded to the app, streaming videos depend on a live internet link and will not work when the app is in offline mode. Zegeba staff will have to prepare such videos for publication at an additional cost. Read more about this in Designing:  7.4 Adding video and audio to a form design.

  • When a date or datetime element has a default value, this value will now be picked up by calculations. 

  • The function sumCorrectRepeatAnswers now also works for Text Input, Decimal and Numbers elements – not just for Single or Multiple Select elements. See Designing: 5.4 List of functions.

  • When you copy form elements with automatic element IDs from one form to another, their IDs are now retained so you do not have to change the IDs manually in the rules for these elements. 

  • The Date View mode for date and datetime elements now works as it should. 

  • The setting “Don’t inherit Audit info from parent element” now works as it should. 

In Tasks
  • Yay! It is now much easier to set up prefill from a task to a form. In the form design you only have to check the new Automatic Prefill property for elements that should be prefilled. The task meta data will then be automatically entered in these elements when the form is opened within the task. See Managing: 8.9 Configuring data inheritance from contexts to forms.

  • A new Task Wizard with tabs for Data, Forms, Users, Attachments and Summary will make it easier to enter details for new tasks. See Managing: 5.2 Creating and copying tasks.

  • In the list of users assigned to a task, deactivated users are listed in grey, and are easy to unassign. 

  • The layout of task lists in the Dashboard has been improved. 

In Contexts
  • When a context type is copied, the selection of task templates and context types are now the same as for the original context type.

  • There is now an autosave feature in the Context Builder

  • Text without a specified font size will now be printed in 11pt both in the form and on the PDF. Previously, such text was shown as 11pt in the form but printed in 8pt. In the Designer you can specify that you still want to use the old font size conversion for a form (Legacy). See Designing: 4.2.3 Styling tab.

  • When you specify in the Designer that an element (such as repeat or grid) should not be split over multiple pages on the PDF, the element content will now be printed on the PDF even if it spans more than one page.  See Designing: 4.2.4 PDF tab.

  • These Designer settings for repeats printed on PDFs: “Page break before subelements on PDF” and “No page break before first subelement”, now work in all cases.

  • A very rare bug that sometimes caused added photos to be printed in the header or footer on the PDF has now been fixed.

  • PDFs printed on phones or tablets will now show the pictures in the header and footer

  • Bulk PDFs opened in Chrome can now be saved. 

… and we have also implemented many other technical and performance improvements boosting the power of the Zegeba platform!

Note! If the new Zegeba version has just been installed on your server and you are using Zegeba in a browser, you may have to press Ctrl-F5 (in Windows) or Cmd-Shift-R for Refresh (on Macs) in the Dashboard or the Designer to get the new features. This forces the browser to download the latest Zegeba version from the server instead of displaying the version stored in its memory cache. But even if you don’t press this, the new features will show up the second time you open the Dashboard/Designer after the new version has been installed. 

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Read more about how we number our versions and install them on customers’ servers here: Managing: Installation and numbering of new Zegeba versions