Capturing Data in the Zegeba Forms App

4.6 Troubleshooting sync

Use this guide to resolve synchronization issues on the Zegeba Forms App (iOS and Android).

1. Close the app

On Android:

  • Press the [Back] button on the device (next to the actual or on-screen [Home] button)
  • Press the task switcher on the device and
    swipe the Zegeba Forms app off the screen

On iOS:

  • Double click the [Home] button of your iPad or iPhone, and then
    swipe the Zegeba Forms app off the screen
2. Start the app again
  • Let sync start.
    Sync should start automatically – unless you have switched to Sync Off on the app’s Home screen. Make sure it is set to Sync On.
    On some devices you may first have to click the striped “hamburger” button in the top right corner to see the sync buttons.
3. If sync still fails, open Settings in the app
  • From the app’s Home screen go to Menu and then
    (On some devices you may have to first click the striped “hamburger” button in the top right corner.)
  • Re-enter the Zegeba project name: e.g. “live” (use the project name provided to you upon signup – it is equivalent to the first part of the online link e.g. for “” the project name is “live”).
  • Click on Test server settings and connection.
  • Enter your login details if requested.
  • All tests should be green with a checkmark in front of them.
  • Any red test with a bold X indicates a problem that needs to be resolved.
    See indication of problems for each of the failing tests below.
4. Test failures and likely cause of problem

(If you don’t see a table below, please refresh the page.)


5. Contact us

If you still can’t resolve the issue, please send an email to or post a support request at our support site

Note! The username and password of the support site is not the same as your regular Zegeba username and password.