Capturing Data in the Zegeba Forms App

2.2 Start up, log in and download forms

  1. Open the Zegeba Forms or Web App.
  2. In the Zegeba Forms App for iOS/Android you will first see a settings window where you need to enter your project name (possibly the name of your company or organization). Just type this in the top box, the server URL will be filled in automatically. Press [OK].

  1. Type your Username and Password.
  1. You will now get the main App screen.

  1. Click on the [Sync] button to download the latest folders and forms from the server.
    Note! This can take some time – make sure the network stays connected while updating.
  2. When the form(s) have been downloaded you should see the App Dashboard with one or more folder tiles.


NOTE! Zegeba will retain the login details for a user on a specific device for 30 days. After that period, the user will have to log in again for a new period of 30 days. We can customize the number of days for each customer server, so if you would like to change the number of login days for your company, please send your request to