Release notes: Zegeba v 3.19

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Note! The software on our customers’ Zegeba servers are upgraded individually to new versions according to the setup and requirements of each customer. Your server version number can be found in the About options in the Dashboard and the Forms and Next apps. Most servers will be upgraded to 3.19 from 3.18.x but if your server was upgraded from an earlier version, please read the Release Notes before this too. They are available through the category Release Notes in the side menu.

New features in Zegeba v 3.19

In the Dashboard 

In the Next app

  • Users with the user role Admin or Task Admin can now in the Next app delete a form capture within a task – not just in the Dashboard’s Forms section. See Using: 4.8 Deleting a task form report.

In Zegeba onboarding 

  • We can now customize the Welcome message sent by email to all new users. In the message you can add you own instructions and links to websites etc. See Managing: 3.2 Add a new user.

Improvements in Zegeba v 3.19

In the Dashboard

  • After you in Forms have searched for something and opened one of the data captures found during the search, the search result will still be shown on the screen when you close this capture so you can continue to look through other relevant captures. 

In the Next app 

  • Each time you press the Action button [Save] on a form page, the content will be synced to the server as a new edit.  
  • Due date and time for a task is now always shown in the 24 hour format – e.g. 23:59.


Bugfixes in Zegeba v 3.19

  • The Send Message function in Dashboard’s Users now works as it should also for email messages. 
  • The GPS element now works as it should also on iPhones and iPads. 
  • File attachments, such as PDFs, added in a form on a mobile device can now also be opened on this device. 

… as well as numerous other technical and performance improvements boosting the power of the Zegeba platform!