Release notes: Zegeba v 3.8

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New features in Zegeba v 3.8

PDF printing:

  • Links to high-quality photos:
    As Zegeba users tend to add many photos to a form, the resolution of each photo is reduced in order to prevent the PDF report becoming too large to send by email. We have now added a link to each photo so one can click on a photo in the on-screen PDF to open a high resolution version. In Chrome we recommend right-clicking on the picture and selecting “Open link in new tab”. Other browsers have similar options.
    Even readers not registered in Zegeba can get access to higher quality images this way.   

In the Dashboard:

  • Users:
    You can now export a list of users registered in Zegeba to an Excel or .csv format.
    Also, when creating new users, a new option allows you to quickly copy permissions from existing users – for instance users in the same department.
  • Last synced in data capture list:
    The row for each data capture now also includes the data and time when the data was last synced.
  • Form links for data capture:
    The hamburger menu beside the form name now has an option Get Form Link where you can copy URL links that open the form for data capture in the Dashboard or in the Forms web app. 

In the Designer:

  • Designer Note, new field in Element Properties:
    This field can only be read within the Designer. You can use it to enter notes about the element or form for yourself or any other form designers on your team. 
  • New language settings to facilitate your browser’s spellcheck and hyphenation.
    Setting Language, Country and Word Break will allow your browser to check text input entered by the user from the Dashboard or in the web apps.

In the Tasks Dashboard:

  • There are two new Action buttons on the task row; Edit Task (for editing the details entered when creating the task) and Delete Task.

In the Tasks app:

  • New toolbar symbols show if data sync or media sync is turned off, and how many items have not been synced.
  • The Description Formula details for each filled form are now displayed in the app, making it easier to see data entered.

Improvements in Zegeba v 3.8

In the Designer:

  • When a form is Published, it will now always be opened in Minor Edit Mode, even if there are no data captured in this version.
  • A repeat can now be prefilled
    In the new Repeat property Enable Prefill Mapping you can now enter JSON code to prefill repeat elements with values entered in data capture or by the form designer. 

In the Dashboard:

  • Side menu:
    The Help option now leads directly to the Help Center website. 
    The old Help screen, with various links and version information, have been renamed About. This screen now contains information on size of local storage and autosaved data.
  • Main folder list:
    The [Expand all] button is back.
  • Export of forms and data:
    The file names of the export files now contain the date and the Zegeba server name.
  • The Dashboard is now easier to read on small screens.

Bugfixes in Zegeba v 3.8

  • Background colors in print:
    The background colors set in grid cells etc. will now look the same on the PDF as they do on screen.
  • New fix option:  Legacy: Hidden Label in Grids
    The Designer Tools menu has a new option designed for those special instances in which input fields in forms designed in v3.6 now looks smaller due to internal changes in the Zegeba code. 
  • Custom page sizes for the form now works as expected.
  • Disabled grid rows are now greyed but still visible in the grid.