Release notes: Zegeba v 3.7

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BIG NEWS!  We know that many Zegeba users are eager to start using the Zegeba Tasks module, giving workgroup functionality to our forms. With Tasks you can schedule and perform work tasks involving forms, their completion status and assigned personell. This is a new module that can be run “on top of” the Forms module we already know, or on its own. It consists of a new app and a Tasks option on the Dashboard. Read more about  this module in Performing Tasks: 3 What is Zegeba Tasks? and contact Zegeba AS if you are interested in adding this to your Zegeba platform so we can set it up for you. 

Also: a fresh new look with the new Zegeba logo and color palette!

New features

Our new phone/tablet apps:

  • The Zegeba Forms app
    This is the new name for the app formerly known as Zegeba Mobile
    Please search for Zegeba Forms in Google Play or Apple’s App Store to find and download the new version 3.7.
  • Introducing: The Zegeba Tasks app
    This app is intended only for customers who have configured the new Tasks module, and it is the only app they will need. 
    Search for Zegeba Tasks in Google Play or Apple’s App Store to find and download the new app.

In the Dashboard:

  • Dashboard menu:
    The former option Dashboard is now called Forms
    New option: Tasks
    New option: Log out
  • A tab for autosaved data where you can view, save or delete data saved in the browser
  • Folders and form version lists:
    Arrow button at the bottom of the list to quickely get back to the top
  • Form version list:
    A “breadcrumb” on top of the screen to easily navigate between forms and folders
    A Version menu option for copying a specific version of a form
  • Data capture list: 
    New buttons for viewing, editing and deleting captured data
  • Users:
    The user card now contains information on recent login and sync
    New [Send Message] button for sending emails to all or some users

In the Designer:

  • New element types:
    Horizontal Line
    (for vertical space between elements)
    Multimedia Label (to add images, videos etc. to the form)
    Action (adding buttons from the Summary page, such as Save, Close etc. in the form pages)


In the Designer:

  • The Toolbox has been rearranged
  • Some element types have new, more descriptive names:
      Heading -> Text Label
      Text -> Text Input
      Text Area -> Text Input Area
      Audio -> Audio Capture
      Image -> Image Capture
      Video -> Video Capture
      GPS/Geopos -> Location Capture
  • You can now hide the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and place the action buttons from the last Summary page inside the form’s pages
  • You can now deselect the use of page icons or use your own Unicode symbols
  • In repeats you can now exclude repeat elements from being listed in the repeat table


  • The Slider values now works as expected, also on iPads
  • Tab colors work as expected
  • The Text Label element, formerly known as Heading, can now be hidden
  • The {@form_property} values now work as expected
  • Import of audio and video files works as expected in the Safari browser
  • Any type of file can now be uploaded to a form

… as well as numerous technical and performance improvements boosting the power of the Zegeba platform!