Release notes: Zegeba v 3.6

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New features

  • Changes in login frequency
    Many Zegeba users will be happy to know that we have redesigned our login security features to ensure fewer login requests for the user. Our system will now retain the login details for a user on a specific device for 30 days. After that period, the user will have to log in again for a new period of 30 days.   
    NOTE! We can customize the number of days for each customer server, so if you would like to change the number of login days for your company, please send your request to  
  • E-mail notifications with PDF attached
    After data capture you can now send notification emails with the data capture PDF file as an attachment. 


  • Various small visual adjustments in the Dashboard       
  • Various text strings corrected     
  • Improved storage management in browser to prevent Quota Exceeded errors  
  • The tab Print in Element Properties is now called PDF 


  • Form and data export to Excel format now works fine.  
  • File storage in Safari now works fine  
  • Audio file storage from Opera now works fine 
  • The repeat command action://addrepeat|variablex?elementy=123 now works as expected  
  • Multicolumn view of a vertical repeat now works as expected