Release notes: Zegeba v 3.20

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Note! The software on our customers’ Zegeba servers are upgraded individually to new versions according to the setup and requirements of each customer. Your server version number can be found in the About options in the Dashboard and the Forms and Next apps. Some servers will be upgraded to 3.20 from 3.19.x but if your server was upgraded from an earlier version, please read the Release Notes before this too. They are available through the category “Release Notes” in the side menu.

New features in Zegeba v 3.20

In the Dashboard 

In the Next app 

Improvements in Zegeba v 3.20

In the Dashboard

  • The menu options Tasks and Projects are now only available for users with the roles Admin or Tasks Admin.

In the Designer


Bugfixes in Zegeba v 3.20

  • Dates in Task descriptions are now formatted properly in the Dashboard’s task list, on the format yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm. 
  • Dashboard notification messages are now properly deleted and will not reappear at a later stage. 
  • The Form app’s “Test server settings and connection” is now working properly again. 
  • Images in the form design fetched from external servers are now printed also in email notification PDFs
    Note! If you have added such images in the design before v 3.20 you have to remove them and add them again for this fix to work. You can do this in the Designer’s “Minor Edit Mode”, without creating a new form version or unpublishing the Published version. 

… as well as many other technical and performance improvements boosting the power of the Zegeba platform!

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