Release notes: Zegeba v 3.13

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Note! Zegeba version 3.12 was an intermediate version with only background changes, and does not have its own Release Note. Please make sure to read the Release Notes of earlier versions too – available through the right hand side menu. Your present server version number can be found in the About options in the Dashboard and the apps. 

New in Zegeba v 3.13 

This version consist mainly of changes in the background enabling your Tasks and Forms apps to run smoother.  Sync, email notifications, export files, SQL exports were also tweaked to work better for all types of circumstances.     

Improvements in the Zegeba Designer

  • New Email notifications option: Notify when – to send notifications only when form is created or changed – or form state has changed. See picture above and Designing: 8.2 Automatic email notifications with PDF reports and form links
  • Accordion elements now has a V arrow to the right on its title bar to signify expanding / collapsing the element. 
  • The Form element’s context menu (shown when you right-click on the form element) now only contains options relevant to this element, including Collapse all pages