New app: Zegeba Next!

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Yes, the innovative Zegeba development team has created a new app!  Zegeba Next is designed to replace the existing Tasks app for mobile phones and tablets. For many of our customers there will be a gradual transfer period in cooperation with the Zegeba team. The look and feel of Next is very similar to the Tasks app so you don’t have to worry about having to learn a completely new system.

The transition from the Tasks app to the Next app is due to Apple phasing out the iOS technology that the Tasks app was based on. So we were forced to design a new app to replace Tasks, and have included some state-of-the art technology “under the hood”.

Future releases of Next will also contain all functionality in the present Forms app.

There will be a new Next manual published in the Help Center soon, but for the time being you can use the information in the existing Tasks manual.

The Next mobile app will soon be available for download in Google Play and Appstore. The Next web app is available now from the Zegeba Dashboard in Zegeba v 3.16.