Zegeba Designer

Why don’t people receive our NOTIFICATION EMAILS?

There is a 10 minute delay before the PDF is sent from the Zegeba server. This is to ensure that all photos in the report have been uploaded to the server before the PDF is created and sent.

If no emails have arrived after 10 minutes, check the email notification setup in the top form element’s Properties – PDF tab.  If the Subject or the Message field is empty, the email will not be sent. Are the email address parameters correctly set up? Does the form’s Description formula contain actual characters and not just codes in squiggly brackets?  See Designing: 8 Printing and sending captured data for more information on this.

The email may be blocked by a proxy/firewall setting or an attachment size restriction at the recipient’s company. Test this by sending the Zegeba PDF attachment from the email client you normally use. If the report is still not reaching the recipient then they should check their company’s email settings.

If the user called Admin has been deactivated or deleted, the email will be sent without the PDF attachment. See how to reactivate a user here: Managing: 3.6 Deactivate or delete users.

Finally, there may be an error in the Zegeba mail exporter. Contact Zegeba Support to get help.