Capturing Data in the Zegeba Forms App

4.1 Starting sync

When you log in to the server, data will normally start syncing without you doing anything special – unless you have switched off syncing.

Syncing data right now

You can at any time press the circular sync icon on the app menu bar to start syncing – as long as you have an Internet connection. The On/Off sync switch must be switched to “Sync On”.

Set up automatic syncing

In Settings you can set syncing to be performed automatically in specified intervals.

  1. Press the striped menu button on the app menu bar to get the various menu options.
  2. Select Sync Settings and go to the Sync tab.
  3. Select Sync my data only if you do not wish to download the data of other people who has been working with the same form. This is the most common option.
  4. Select Automatically sync data and forms and type in a sync interval in the box.
    Press [OK].

If you are experiencing problems syncing, see Capturing: 4.6 Troubleshooting sync for tips on what to do.