Capturing Data in the Zegeba Forms App

4.3 Continue an incomplete form on another device/browser

Sometimes you may need to continue editing a form on another device. Follow the steps below to transfer the form data to a second device.

  1. Open the form on the first device.
  2. Go to the last Summary
  3. Click on [Set Form State].
  4. Select Send unfinished.
  5. Press [Save & Close].
  6. Press [Sync] on the first device.
  7. Wait until syncing is completed, and
    press [Sync] on the second device.
  8. Open the form as you would have done on the first device,
    edit and Save.
  9. If you need to send the edited form back to the first device,
    press [Sync] on the second device.
  10. Press [Sync] on the first device.
  11. You can now continue editing on the first device (if you want to).

Note! Do not edit the same form on two devices at the same time. Complete it on one device, press [Send] and then [Update] before editing it on another device