Capturing Data in the Zegeba Forms App

2 Starting the Zegeba Forms App

The Zegeba mobile apps are designed to run on all types of iOS and Android devices and the Web app will run on any Windows device. We recommend always using the latest updates of these operating systems.

The screen should have a resolution of at least 768px. Other than that, there are no specific requirements but in general a device with much RAM, a fast processor and a large screen will work better than a simpler device – and be better prepared for the future. If a tablet is to be used in rough conditions, for instance outdoors or at sea, you may consider getting an extra rugged one. And some users prefer to use an external tablet keyboard to make it easier to type in report information.

Note! In this chapter we use “live” as Zegeba project name and as an example of a server address. You may have to use another Zegeba project name and server address, probably including your company name.


The pages in this chapter:

2 Starting the Zegeba Forms App (this page)
2.1 Installing the Forms app
2.2 Start up, log in and download forms