Managing Zegeba Forms from the Dashboard

3.3 Reset user password

There are two ways of resetting the password; one from Users in the Dashboard or from the Login box. The first is generally used for new users of the system that are being registered by an Admin or an Access Manager.  The Login box reset option is generally used by existing users who may have forgotten their password.

From Users in the Dashboard

  1. In the Dashboard, select Users in the left menu bar.
  2. Press [Edit] by the user’s name in the User List.
  3. Press [Change password].
  4. Type a new password in the Password field.
    Click (Show password) if you want to see what you type.
  5. Press [Save changes]
    – or –
    press [Cancel password change] to leave without changing password.
  6. Press [Generate Password Link] to select an expiry period for the password (from 1 – 14 days).
  7. Press [Copy text] to copy the text to the Clipboard. Press [Close].
  8. Go to a new tab in your web browser. Press Ctrl-V to paste the link into the browser.
  9. Delete the text before the https:// link, and press [Enter].
  10. You will then get a screen asking you to input a new password.
    Type this in the two fields, and press [Change password].


From the Login box

  1. Type the Zegeba server name in the browser to start the Dashboard as usual.
  2. Type in an existing username – yours or another’s – and click the link Reset Password.
  3. Press the button [Reset Password] to get an email with a reset link sent to the email address of that user.