Capturing Data in the Zegeba Forms App

3.2 Summary page

The summary page is the page displayed at the closing of forms. You can save, print, view, close or customize settings for this form from this page.

Close a form

  1. Click on the button for Last Page or [Next] at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click Save and Close to keep changes to the registered form data.
  3. Click Cancel to discard any changes to the form data registered.

Set Form State

Use the options here to indicate completion, locking a form or allowing upload of a form – even if it is incomplete.

Note: The options here are configured in the main Form element in the Designer – see Designing: 4.2 Element Properties.

View All

Shows all input fields in a read-only view.

Generate PDF

Printing a Zegeba form is generally done via a PDF file that is saved and printed at a later time. This process ensures that printing can be prepared offline, and prevents you from getting distorted prints due to varying printer support on different devices.

When accessing the form in a web browser, you may print this directly from the browser to the System printer, but we cannot guarantee the quality of such an output, nor support it. PDF file generation is the only supported solution for sharing or printing a filled-in form.


From the Settings dialog box you can set various options regarding the upload of completed forms. In the tab Media

The Zegeba Web app will upload images when saving and closing, or by the user manually clicking Upload Media to server on the summary page.

If you use the Zegeba App for iOS and Android, media will automatically upload when you press [Sync] on the home page of the app.