Managing Zegeba Forms from the Dashboard

2.2 The Dashboard menu

The Dashboard menu on the left side of the screen offers the following options:


A folder contains a group of forms, much like a computer folder contains a group of files. The main screen in the Dashboard shows the list of folders created in your company. These are usually sorted by department, forms type or user. Press the button [Expand all] in the upper right corner to also see all the forms within each folder.

See chapter Managing: 4 Managing folders and forms for a description of how to manage the folders and get access to the individual forms.


The option Statistics shows a graphic overview of the datarecords entered in the last seven days or in all in the various folders.


Select Users in the Dashboard menu to the right to get a list of all users form your company registered in the Zegeba system. These users have assigned different roles, such as administrators, form designers, data collectors and data managers. See more on how to manage users in chapter Managing: 3 Managing users.


Select Resources in the Dashboard menu to get a list of all files registered as resources for the forms.  See Designing: 6.4 Uploading and using resources for instructions on how to manage file resources to be used in your forms.


At present, the Settings option in The Dashboard menu has two options: [Request MySQL Whitelisting] and [Sign out]. The first option is meant for system administrators needing access to special resources. Use the option [Sign out] to log out from the Designer.


Help on the Dashboard menu lists the way in which you can get more help from Zegeba, or share your suggestions and experience. Note that the bottom of this screen shows the version of Designer that you are running. This technical information may be needed when you ask for support.

Web App

The Dashboard menu option Web App links directly to the Zegeba Web App used for capturing data. The Web App is described in Capturing: 2.2 Start up, log in and download forms onwards.