Managing Zegeba Forms from the Dashboard

2.1 Logging in and out of the Dashboard

Log in

To log in to the Dashboard you need to know the server you’ll be using. You must also have a user name and a password. Ask your system administrator if you need help with this.

  1. In your web browser – preferably Chrome – type the name of your server.
    This is an address looking like this example, possibly with your company name instead of “live”:
  2. In the Login box, type in your User name and your Password.
    This brings you to the Dashboard.

Forgotten username and/or password

If you don’t remember the username and/or the password you must use to sign in, you can order an email with a link to reset it.

  1. In the Login box, press the link “Forgot username or password?
  2. If you remember your username, type this in and press [Reset password]
    – or –
    press the link “I forgot my username”.
  3. Type in your email in the Email
  4. Press [Reset password].
  5. Look for the Zegeba email in your email Inbox, and click on the link in it to reset the password.
  6. Type in your new password in the top box, and again in the lower box.
  7. If the password is sufficiently strong (i.e. difficult to guess), the [Submit] button will be activated, and you can press this to send the password to Zegeba.
    Press [Continue] to go back to the Login screen and enter your login details.

Log out

  1. Select Settings on the Dashboard menu to the right.
  2. Press the button [Sign out].