Zegeba Forms app

How can a Forms app user access OTHER PEOPLE’S DATA?

As default, the Forms app will only download the user’s own data. The user must uncheck the option Sync my data only in the app’s Menu > Settings > Sync option. See Capturing: 4.1 Starting sync.

In addition, an Admin must make sure that this user has the correct role to be able see other people’s data, either as a Data Manager or a full Admin user. In most such cases, this means making the user a Data Manager as well as Data Collector. See Managing: 3.3 User roles.

The Admin must also ensure that the user has permission to access the required folders and forms. See Managing: 3.2 Add a new user.

This access can easily be stopped by the app user checking Sync my data only again, or by the Admin removing the Data Manager role from the user.

We recommend migrating from the Forms app to using tasks in the Zegeba app to get a much better handling of work flow in work groups. Contact Zegeba for more information on this.