Zegeba App

How can I reset my PASSWORD?

Follow the procedures in Managing: 3.3 Reset user password to get an email with a link you can use to enter a new password.

How do I connect to a different SERVER?

As default, the app connects to the same server you used the previous time you were logged in, usually one with your company name: company.zegeba.com. To change servers, press the striped button and then Menu on the left-hand side, and select Settings. Type the new server name in the box Zegeba project name. Press Test server settings and connection to check that everything is working. Press [OK]. Do a sync by pressing the round arrows button to download the forms in the new server to your device.

What does SYNC mean?

Sync is short for synchronization. We use this term for the process of exchanging data between the app on your phone/tablet/browser and the central Zegeba server. When you sync from your app, you send the data you have captured to the server so others can see what you’ve registered. In return, syncing sends you any updates the form designer may have made to the form itself.  Read more on syncing in chapter Capturing: 4 Syncing forms with the server.

What type of TABLET should I use to capture data?

The Zegeba mobile apps are designed to run on all types of iOS and Android devices and the Web app will run on any Windows device. We recommend always using the latest updates of these operating systems.

The screen should have a resolution of at least 768px. Internal storage capacity should be at least 16GB, with the ability to increase storage if needed. In general a device with much RAM, a fast processor and a large screen will work better than a simpler device – and be better prepared for the future.

If a tablet is to be used in rough conditions, for instance outdoors or at sea, you may consider getting an extra rugged one. And some users prefer to use an external tablet keyboard to make it easier to type report information.